10th China Biotechnology Industry Conference – the Biomedical and Health Industry Investment and Financing Summit Forum

The conference was held on July 3 and 4 in the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center in Guangzhou City, China.

GF Securities, GF Xinde Investment Management Co., Ltd. (“GF Xinde”) and Bay City Capital, LLC (“Bay City Capital”), in collaboration with the China Society of Biotechnology and the China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Development Promote Association, organized and hosted the 10th China Biotechnology Industry Conference – the Biomedical and Health Industry Investment and Financing Summit Forum.

The theme of the conference focused on the “Globalization of China’s innovation and the Internationalization of regulation” in the biotechnology and biomedical industries. In addition, the conference covered the latest trends on cross-border biomedical investments and financings and bridging the technology gap between western technologies and domestic Chinese innovation.

Dr. Zeng Hao, Chairman of GF Xinde, Zhu Xun, Director of the Tongxieyi Innovative Drug Club, and David Beier JD, the Managing Director of Bay City Capital, were in attendance at the conference.
During the two-day conference, participants presented and exchanged opinions on Chinese drug regulation in the new era, strategies of major pharmaceutical companies in China, and a review of biomedical investments and financings in the United Statesand Europe.
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